Butter is also used in different areas. Butter is a great ingredient to use in different areas of your food. But, you should not cook with it.

Butter is a rich source of saturated fats, which could cause heart diseases. It also increases cholesterol. “Lisa Young, PhD., RDN is the author of Finally Full recepti cokoladna torta and Finally Slim. She also teaches adjunct at NYU in the field of nutrition. Do not heat butter! It’s even more hazardous than eating eggs. I would rather use oil instead of butter.

Trista Best, MPH. RD., LD Balance One Supplements says that butter may cause serious side effects when cooking. It can raise your cholesterol, blood triglycerides and the amount of fat in your blood. This could lead to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Be aware about the amount of butter that you eat.

Butter can be used in different ways, if you don’t enjoy it in toast or recipes that you bake with.

Best says “Butter is not a good choice when used to cook.” The majority of sauteeing needs to be done using water or a low fat sauce such as soy sauce or liquid aminos. When baking, you could use butter in place of a few ingredients.

Your body won’t be affected by a tiny amount of butter. This effect could result from an over consumption of butter. It’s all about the amount of butter you consume. Will it be used for cooking? Sprinkle it on toast or use it in your cooking? You decide!

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